The EUREKA Register
The Purvis Eureka Car Club is very keen to be able to track down what happened to the approximately 700 Purvis Eureka sports cars manufactured by Allan Purvis and his successors in the Eureka Sports Cars business.

To this end we have established the Eureka Register, which is a free service and available to all Purvis Eureka owners, whether Club members or not.

The aim is to capture in a computer database all the details of as many Purvis Eurekas as we can find, and to subsequently track any changes or modifications made to the vehicle (eg engine transplants, upgrade brakes, etc).

Each Eureka entered on the Eureka Register will receive, free of charge, a Eureka Register plaque to be affixed to their car. Each plaque will include a unique Register ID number that will remain with the car upon change of owner, etc.

The Eureka Register will be an extremely valuable resource in tracking current trends in colours, engine, etc, numbers of registered Purvis Eurekas by State, basic demographic information about owners (eg age, sex, etc) and much more. The more cars we have included in the Register, and the more information we have about each car, the more meaningful and valuable will be the information available.

Please note that your Privacy is important to us and that our database has been constructed so that we can produce a report on a specific Eureka without including any of the owners’ names or details. No owner’s details will be handed out without the owner’s specific permission.

We urge you to join the Eureka Register whether you have a show stopping fully registered Eureka, a fully dismantled Eureka in pieces in the shed, or anything in between. Remember, it’s free, and it will only take a few minutes to complete the Application form.

download a copy of the Application for your Inclusion on the Eureka Register.


There is a "PDF" version you download & post, or you can download the "WORD" version, type in the relevant info, save & e-mail it.


The Eureka Register is proudly sponsored by Shannons



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