An Invitation

This is your opportunity to join the
Purvis Eureka Car Club of Australia Inc
(incorporated in Victoria).
Patron: Allan Purvis

The Purvis Eureka sports car was introduced to Australia by Allan Purvis at the 1974 Melbourne International Motor Show. With superb sports car looks and a unique opening roof, the Purvis Eureka was an instant sensation. Matching a light, but strong, fibreglass body to a Volkswagen Beetle chassis and mechanicals ensured exciting performance whilst still maintaining excellent fuel economy and overall affordability. Later model Purvis Eureka's came with Ford Four or Mazda rotary power. A total of 683 Purvis Eureka's were manufactured before Allan Purvis sold the business in 1989. Subsequent owners of the business (which still trades as Eureka Sports Cars in Sydney) have also made their own contributions to the original Purvis Eureka. 

Being a member of the Purvis Eureka Car Club is the best way that you can contribute to the preservation and promotion of Australia’s best selling sports kit car; enjoy the camaraderie of other Eureka enthusiasts; and have great fun at the same time. You don’t have to own a Eureka to become a member of the Purvis Eureka Car Club.


How much Contribution do I need
to preserve the Marques?

Membership of the Eureka Car Club costs a minimum of $50.00 (one-off) Joining Fee,
and an annual Membership Subscription of $50.00
Plus as much time & information as you can possibly muster to promote yours & our cause.
(note that these fees may be subject to change).

Just download the Membership Form & Post with your cheque or money order to the address on the form. If you are considering joining the Club, checkout the Registration Page also.

On Joining the CLUB you recieve a membership pack consisting of:

A Club Shirt Key fob Bumper Sticker Club Member Sticker& Membership Card

Plus a range of other Merchandise as it becomes available.

Discounts on a range of products from selected suppliers

• Access to a Club banner for when you take your Eureka to car shows, etc

• Invitation to the annual National Purvis Eureka Meet
(venue for 2012 is Bathurst NSW)
• The opportunity to contribute to the Purvis Eureka Car Club to the best of your personal abilities and your available time

• Access to the Members Section of the Web Site

• More benefits and discounts are being discussed and negotiated all the time

Most importantly, your membership of the Purvis Eureka Car Club will greatly assist in the Preservation and Promotion of the Eureka. The more members we have, the more we will be able to achieve.

You don’t have to join the Eureka Car Club to participate in our discussion and chat group on the internet, or to access valuable information about Eureka's. Simply go to and follow the links. However, your membership of the Eureka Car Club is the best way that you can contribute to the continued preservation and promotion of Australia’s own Eureka sports car.

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