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Author Topic: Another one for sale in Victoria  (Read 1109 times)
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Morph, Goat, Reek, whatever.....

« on: Saturday, 06 March, 2010, 07:16:40 AM »

G'day gang,

At Hanging Rock a chap piped up saying he has Reek for sale.  Smiley

I have spoken to him about it since Hanging Rock but I have not seen the car (yet  Smiley ) so here's the details so far that I have been able to ascertain from speaking to him;

It's a PL30, red over black, full Targa roof but other than that it is all standard with a VW superbug engine in it and Drag Mags/kidney holes/5 slotters on it.  No idea whether it's a swingaxle or full IRS, he couldn't remember.  Disks on the front and drums on the back.
He said it's a 1978 model which put's it at the start of the F4 era but there were still some new PL30s available around then too.
It's been under a carport for the last 20 odd years so the engine probably won't go and the brakes will most likely be all frozen up as you would expect.
The fibreglass has the usual stress cracks above the front guards etc and it is probably fairly faded as you'd expect but other than that it's apparently pretty good.
It used to have a Datsun motor in it but it used to overheat all the time so he gave up and put the VW donk in instead.
It was registered and it still has the old number plates on it

He says that if he can't get at least $8,000 for it then it can stay where it is until he does and he is serious about that.

The car is in St Albans in Victoria and he works somewhere in that vicinity too during the week but he lives about an hour out of town so it might take a bit of organising if you want to go and have a squiz at it.

His name is Danny and you can contact him on 0427 816 966 with any questions.  His phone goes straight through to voicemail most of the time so be persistent and you wil get onto him.  Don't bother asking me any more about it because what I've just written about it is all I know.  Cool


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