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Author Topic: Guest info  (Read 27846 times)
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« on: Thursday, 08 January, 2009, 12:10:41 PM »

This is a Discussion Forum. If you wish to look at pictures go to our Website

You are not required to be a member of the Purvis Eureka Car Club to participate in this Forum, but, you are required to register before you will be able to post any messages. This is to prevent you, as a Forum or Club member, receiving allot of spam on your board.

By being on this Forum, it does not mean you are a (or become a), member of the Purvis Eureka Car Club of Australia inc. If you would like to become a "Member" go to the Club website and download the membership forms, or download it here
Once processed you will have full functions available on this Forum as well as more information available.

If you do not wish to join the Club or don't feel it necessary to be part of the Forum, but would like to register (with the Club only) your Eureka and receive a Plaque download the form on our Website or here
For more info on the Registration of your Eureka with the Club, go here

1. Any accounts we suspect of having being registered for the purpose of spam will be deleted.
2. I would strongly suggest that you do not use a "gmail" e-mail address as, due to allot of spammers, it is most likely that you will be deleted without further investigation.
3. If you don't give yourself a readable username, chances are you won't get anywhere and will be rejected.
4. When you register, you will be investigated prior to having your account activated. If you do not get activated within 24hrs please feel free to e-mail
5. You should post a message within 48 hours of activation, or your account may also be deleted. It is in your interest to identify yourself, or you will be deleted.

If you are in a country other than Australia, you will need to post, or you will be deleted and, or, banned without notice.

If you are banned, or just not able to proceed through the registration process, but feel you are justified in becoming a member of this Forum for the Australian Kit car and would like to participate, send an e-mail to

Also, please be civil. No abuse of others will be tollerated. If such occurs, the posts will be deleted and you will be contacted to "please explain". You may even be suspended for a period and/or banned.
If you are offended by this, then you simply should not be here.

If you have an interest in joining the site, and are having trouble, particularly with the up-graded (& further increased), security, then please EMAIL with some detail of your problem. We should be able to get you jump-started. You should be contacted within 24hrs.

When you have gone through the registration process, your account will be investigated and can only be approved by an administrator.
So, now that you are here, all we can say is Welcome, BUT, it would be appreciated, if we knew who we are welcoming therefore, it will be to your advantage that you IDENTIFY YOURSELF.
Unless you are known, or identifiable (by posting), your account may eventually be deleted.
You obviously have some interest, so does everybody else on the Forum.
We dont charge you, but if you decide to join the Club, your contributions will ensure the continuation of this Site & Forum.

PECCoA Members are secure
Newbies, need to post, or can be verified by another
Multiple accounts will recieve a "Please Explain", or more likely, will be deleted.

If you post you will secure your existance and will recieve an up-grade to more functions available on the Forum. Should you become a "Member" of the Purvis Eureka Car Club of Australia, you will recieve a further access & up-grade to functions.

Look forward to seeing you  Smiley

The Purvis Eureka Car Club of Australia Inc. (Vic)

Eureka, 1:1 Scale Model, no glue required, suitable for ages 38 & up. Caution: Confined Space, small parts enclosed. May induce hair loss. I have "Side Intrusion" Bars and "Roll" Bar on board but No "JC" Bars fitted.
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