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2008 meet with pictures
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Tuesday, 22 October, 2019, 12:10:57 AM *
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Author Topic: 2008 meet with pictures  (Read 3881 times)
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« on: Friday, 06 February, 2009, 12:26:30 PM »

just thought i would bring it across to the new site for our new members.

To the Guy's an Girls of the 2008 Canberra meet ,
Thanx to Simon for organising an over welming  expereince i was gratified to attend .
To be surrounded by an awsomme array of red ,yellow ,orange, blue and white eureka's was not sore on the eyes at all an thanx to Sue for putting on an excellent assortment of food that increased my belly five to seven pounds i haven't ate so good since moving out of home .
Dinner at the club was hilarious when everyone thought i was a member of  being  served more food by one of the waitresses before she took the empty one away.
So I had to put up with cold showers for three days so what i say !  something had to cool me down from a hot weekend of fantastic weather and days of on the go attitude an people with magnificent cars im proud to say i photograhed 364 times
The short clips i took captured the sound at fith gear skid pan circiut  kick start my heart by motley crue comes to mind perfectly.
Getting lost an winding up about 70;ks at the only pub in town was a great way to show my collection of photo's to the local guys thus far.
I appreciate Shaun an his missus getting me through it  the next lunch is on me .
the winery was cool to the purchase i made will go well with next bowl of pasta .
Video night with Rons footage went down well with pizza an beer perfect .
The Laughter i endured over the three day weekend burst my blues away til the next meet  I thank you all .
Mary an Dragan your storys are a killer .
Paul , Dragan an Morris thanx for taking me for a spin i have never been in an other eureka before other than my own .
It somes up my dream weekend i unfotunatly had to wake from.
An as they say what goes on tour stays on tour is safe to say will be sealed until i edit an post them shortly
Cheers to all....for a great weekend !!!!

and it was a great reply even though it was just one ...

On behalf of Susie and myself,
I'll take this opportunity to thank Dave and all of you who've written in raving about the meet weekend. Yes, both Sue and I did go to a lot of effort, but man it was worth it. You guys enjoying yourselves throughout the weekend was reward enough for both of us. I felt it went off incredibly well.
 But it must be pointed out that thanks should also be heaped on Paul P for the awesome amount of effort he went to trying to organise the legalities required for us to use the Hillclimb curcuit. I should've mentioned this to you all at the meet. The Hillclimb Club screwed us around to the very end. Don't forget our super generous silent benefactor who paid for our skidpan afternoon out of his own pocket, and missed out on having the opportunity of joining us.
All Sue and I wanted to do was put on a good weekend, and I feel we've done that. Thanks to all those who turned up. Everyone of you all spent the time to drag me aside at sometime on Sunday and individually thank Sue and I.
     You are all most welcome.
     Roll on Mildura!

« Reply #1 on: Friday, 06 February, 2009, 01:13:03 PM »

oh it's an effort to get to at a good size

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« Reply #2 on: Sunday, 22 March, 2009, 08:22:58 AM »

I've had a Photobucket account almost as long as I've had the Eureka. All my photos I post are hosted over there. Image Shack are also ment to be fairly good too.

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