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Title: Red F4 doer-upper for sale in Victoria
Post by: WebGoat on Tuesday, 31 January, 2017, 02:06:06 PM
G'day gang,

I have a red F4 for sale as pictured below which will need a full restoration.  $2000
It is complete except for seats, the instrument pod and instruments but everything else appears to be there. 8)  Ted smith should be able to knock you out some new seats and a new dash pod.
It is on a 1971, disc brake front, IRS rear floorpan with it's fair share of rust although probably less work to repair than to replace the pan halves.
It has a twin carb, 1600 twin port Type 3 engine which I can't turn over by hand but might turn over with a spanner on the crankshaft.
The dashboard and the arm rest panels are padded with black faux leather which is still in quite good nick but screams 1980's and the front strip of the dash where the radio goes is covered in padded red velour :o  Really groovy man O0
The windscreen is in beautiful condition and appears to be still firmly glued in place.


The car was apparently NSW registered way back then and was bought as a father/son project, driven into the shed and disassembled and that's where it has been ever since. :P  It appears to have been painted and the paint has been sanded off so there are a few spots where they have sanded through the gelcoat unfortunately and it has it's share of cracks in the usual places as well as a repair in front of the drivers side headlight which looks OK but the main thing about it is that it had been glued together along the seams with fibreglass and bog but it has been successfully separated without any damage although all the excess bog etc is still on the panels so there's a bit of extra clean up work needed there.
It will be sold with either the 14x7 steel widies currently on it or 14x7 Globe Bathurst mags or 14x7 Hotwire mags, your choice.

The car is in Drouin, Victoria so you will need to organise transport of course although Morris might be able to help out there. :)

for Life.

Title: Re: Red F4 doer-upper for sale in Victoria
Post by: WebGoat on Saturday, 04 February, 2017, 12:38:15 PM

Thanks to all those who made offers.

for Life.