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Title: Project Skyline
Post by: The Metalsmith on Saturday, 14 April, 2012, 10:45:22 PM
Hi kids,
            This saga has been dragged out more than 2 years after the car had been won back in Oct '10, poor bastard. The initiators, Imodify, relied apon a project manager (a backstabbing ex-mate) who couldn't find his ass even if he had a map. To make an incredibly long story short, the project is back on track under my guidance and I'm hoping to have it finished for this years' Motorex in July. Check this site for my Hot 4's story articles to date and new regular updates, beginning at the end of this month:

I've got to pump the rear guards over the next month to be on time with the completion date. This whole project has been a massive pain but the financial reward at the end will make it all worth it. Enjoy.


Title: Re: Project Skyline
Post by: radekp81 on Saturday, 14 April, 2012, 11:59:43 PM
Nice work Simon, looking forward to seeing the finished product!  That'd make it the first I've heard of 24's on something other than a pimped-out 4WD.  It must have a noticeable impact on the effective gearing.

Title: Re: Project Skyline
Post by: CyCo on Sunday, 15 April, 2012, 12:30:53 PM
Cool stuff. I'm not a fan of massive tyres on most streeters, width is ok, but diameter is another thing. But that's my personal taste. Still, looks like it's going to be, to quote a certain person, poo hot!


Title: Re: Project Skyline
Post by: The Metalsmith on Sunday, 22 July, 2012, 11:10:34 AM
Well kids,
                After more than 350 of my own hours this two and a half year nightmare is finally over. The Skyline hit the Motorex today to average reviews because the project was taken out of my hands just after I'd got it back on track. As a result, the motor guys didn't finish the job, the graphics guys didn't put the stickers where they were told to, the fibreglass guy had to hack up the front metal work to get his front guard to fit (failing to have it fitted for the show and also voiding the engineer's requirements) and the detailer didn't even bother to clean up the rusty disc brakes!

And check out the pathetic little Metalsmith sticker they put on the rear guard. That bastard was supposed to be half the car! Those guards were bulged 2 1/2" from standard in metal to suit the tubbed and airbagged rear 24's. A massive task. My effort on this job has not been reflected in my advertising return: yet again.

Yes it looks good in the pics but I'm over the incompetance and arrogance of idiots who think they know what they're doing. This car officially marks the end of my big car career. I build nothing but reeks from now on.